Catit PIXI Smart Drinking Fountain with Remote Control App

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The Catit PIXI Smart Fountain provides your cat with a continuous source of fresh, purified water. Running water encourages cats to drink more, which helps prevent urinary tract diseases.

The Catit PIXI Smart Fountain is equipped with stateof-the-art UV-C sterilization technology, has built-in Wi-Fi and a free mobile app that lets you access its clever features remotely! The fountain’s stylish yet whimsical design was inspired by our cute office cat Pixi.

As water enters the reservoir it is softened and cleared of potential debris by the triple action filter pad inside. Next it is cleared of potential bacteria and viruses thanks to the fountain’s UV-C sterilization technology. This virtuous cycle guarantees fresh, clean drinking water at all times!

Every two hours, the fountain’s UV-C sterilizer will purify your cat’s drinking water, neutralizing bacteria! UV-C light is a natural germicide that is used to disinfect hospital room surfaces, public places, money and drinking water.

In addition to a UV-C sterilizer, the Catit PIXI Smart Fountain includes a filter that cleans your cat’s drinking water in three stages: Cotton mesh filters out debris, active carbon removes odours and impurities, ion exchange resin softens tap water.

With the mobile app, you can care for your cat anywhere, at any time! Switch between modes, receive push notifications when it’s time to refill the reservoir, or even start the UV-C sterilization process with a swipe of your finger.

The Catit PIXI Smart Fountain automatically detects status changes, such as when it’s time for a refill, or when the filter needs replacing. Simply enable notifications in the Catit PIXI app, and get notified
about those events directly on your smartphone.

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