Dehydrated Beef Tendon 6-8"

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Hero Dog Treats™ Beef Tendon is a single ingredient dog treat that is naturally sourced and contains no preservatives or chemicals. These treats are slow roasted and non-irradiated giving a tough textured chew that are ideal for keeping your dog occupied for a long time. These are good for all life stages, ideal for heavy chewers.

Tendons are a bully stick or natural chew alternative that acts like doggy dental floss to help clean teeth and naturally scrapes away plaque buildup while chewing. They are also naturally low in fat and high in protein for a delicious, healthy treat. Its only ingredient is natural beef tendon sourced from Brazil or Mexico. All products are CFIA approved and are packaged in Canada. Thickness will vary as this is an all-natural product.

One Ingredient: 100% Dehydrated Beef Tendon.

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