Exo Terra Frog Pond Large 15Lx12.5Wx5.5Hcm (6x5x2.2in) 110 mL Capacity

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Amphibians do not drink water but instead replenish their moisture and ion levels through their skin via osmosis. They absorb water, via their permeable skin from the humidity in their environment as well as by sitting with their backside in a shallow water body, soaking up moisture. Because most amphibians reproduce in temporary or permanent shallow pools, or carry their tadpoles to these water bodies, the Frog Pond is an important feature in every tropical terrarium.

Offer fresh and clean water on a daily basis! Always treat tap water with Aquatize to remove harmful heavy metals, chlorine and chloramines, necessary to provide safe healthy water for your captive reptiles and amphibians. Enhance the nutritional value of the drinking water by adding liquid Electrolyte and Calcium to support healthy bone and muscle growth in your pet reptiles and amphibians.

Ideal for Poison Dart Frogs, Tree Frogs and various other amphibians. Natural pebble-rock look integrates in any type of terrarium. Recessed placement allows reptiles and amphibians easy access. The shallow water body and integrated steps prevent animals from drowning. Easy to clean food-grade resin prevents development of harmful bacteria.

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