Flat Rib Bone Small -1lb bag

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Recreational Chewing Bone

Our best selling Flat Rib Bone is now available in small mini pieces perfect for small breeds & puppies!

Best selling raw meaty bone. Perfect for puppies to adult dogs, with lots of meat on the rib, this is a ripping and tearing bone that is a great physical and mental workout for your dog.

Hormone & Antibiotic Free. Pasture Raised Beef. Amazing dental benefit – keeps teeth clean! Can be fed 2 – 3 x per week.


Feeding Guide

Always supervise your pet when consuming raw meaty bones.  Once completely cleaned, bones should be discarded.  Recreational chewing bones are NOT to be fully consumed.  If your dog attempts to eat the entire rib please take it away.  Feed frozen to extend the length of chew and to prevent gulping.




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