Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus

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  • The “Bigger Is Better” habitats designed with guinea pigs and their owners in mind
  • Guinea Habitat, Model 171GH; Guinea Habitat Plus, Model 171GPH
  • Ideal for first time guinea pig owners – and cavy enthusiasts
  • 8 square feet of living space – recommended by veterinarians and breeders to provide an area appropriate for pet exercise as well as easy care
  • Modular design enables numerous configurations and unlimited expandability
  • Guinea Habitat expandable – as no other pet habitat on the market is – from its standard 8 square feet to a comfortable 16 square feet with the simple addition of another Guinea Habitat or a Guinea Habitat Plus
  • Sides 14 inches high help keep guinea pigs secure while giving you easy access to them
  • Durable, PVC-lined canvas bottom, which provides traction and helps protect a guinea pig’s sensitive feet, is leak-proof and washable, making care and maintenance easy
  • Lock-in-place doors double as ramps that allow pet passage into, out of, and between habitats
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Folds flat for easy travel and storage
  • No tools or connecting pieces required to set up
  • Guinea Habitat Plus includes Guinea Habitat’s features, plus …
    • A multi-access folding top, allowing safe and secure interaction with your enclosed guinea pigs
    • A dividing panel with hinged lock-in-place ramps to separate play and care areas


Our product developers at Midwest Homes for Pets watched very closely how guinea pigs play, eat, sleep, and interact among themselves as well as with their owner/caretakers. That clued our people into a number of things. First and foremost, they discovered that guinea pigs have an essential need for space that lets them exercise, explore, and socialize freely – without being dependent on their caretaker’s schedule.

Experts in the veterinary field, along with guinea pig enthusiasts worldwide, recommend the following minimum square footage of space for the general health and well-being of your guinea pig:


  • 1 guinea pig – 7 sq. ft. minimum
  • 2 guinea pigs – 8 sq. ft. minimum
  • 3 guinea pigs – 10 sq. ft. minimum
  • 4 guinea pigs – 12 sq. ft. minimum


Additionally, MidWest discovered that the more spacious the area provided, the easier it is for the caretaker to clean and maintain than a conventional, more restrictive enclosure. Result? Fit, healthy, well-adjusted guinea pigs that are more entertaining to watch and a relationship between them and their owners that’s a whole lot happier!

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