Aztec Sacred Maize Waterfall 400ml

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Exo Terra's Aztec Range creates a mystical ancient pre-Columbian atmosphere inside your terrarium. The Aztec terrarium and decoration is inspired by the astonishing art and impressive relics that were left behind by pre-Columbian cultures. Revive and admire the magnificence of this lost civilization by decorating your terrarium with one of the functional Exo Terra Aztec decoration items.

Exo Terra's Aztec Sacred Maize Waterfall fits the ancient Mesoamerican Aztec theme perfectly. Since many reptiles do not recognize still or stagnant water as a source of drinking water, the Aztec Waterfall will be readily used by reptiles and amphibians, keeping them healthy and hydrated.

The cascading water stimulates the natural drinking behaviour of various lizards (chameleons, anoles, water dragons, etc.). Cleaning is easy, as the waterfall can be dismantled into two parts. Pump included to provide water circulation.

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