Nutrafin Nitrate Test (0.0 - 110.0 mg/L)

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Nutrafin's Nitrate Test (0.0 - 110.0 mg/L) measures nitrate in fresh and saltwater aquariums. Nitrate should be tested on a regular basis as an indicator of pollution in the aquarium and to determine if a water change is necessary.

Nitrate accumulates in aquariums over a period of time and is difficult to remove by conventional filtration means, as such they must be removed through water changes.

The kit provides up to 80 tests and includes :

  •  One 17 mL (0.57 oz) Nitrate reagent #1 
  •  One 10 mL (0.3 oz) Nitrate reagent #2
  •  One 10.5 mL (0.35 oz) Nitrate reagent #3
  •  One glass test tube with cap
  •  One pipette
  •  One lab base
  •  One instruction booklet
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