Fur Fresh - 250ml

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If your dog smells a little funky, Fur Fresh will them smelling great again! Made with 100% natural, human-grade ingredients because your dog deserves the best. We use essential oils to create a pleasing aroma of fresh lemony notes with floral and woody undertones. You can also use Fur Fresh if you don’t have time for a bath or to freshen up dog beds!

This 100% natural Fur Fresh uses essential oils to produce a fresh, outdoors aroma with a hint of citrus! So, no matter what your dog gets into on the trails, we can get the stink out! Lick safe and great for outdoor use.



Made with 100% natural, human grade ingredients that are lick safe for your dog.






Natural preservative



Apply as needed or at least 2 – 3x per week.  Best used before an outdoor adventure for maximum effectiveness.


  • Unlock bottle.
  • Spray human and/or dog.
  • Avoid over spraying and getting into eyes or ears.
  • Re-apply as needed.

Product effectiveness is best within 30 – 90 minutes after applying.


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