Nutrafin basix Betta Food, 5 g (0.1oz)

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Bettas have small stomachs and therefore should only be fed a pinch of food once or twice a day. Nutrafin basix Betta Food is specifically formulated for bettas. The freeze-dried red grubs are highly nutritious and will be voraciously consumed by bettas. The pellets come in a convenient shaker for easy feeding.

As a general rule, aquarium fish should be fed a varied diet containing freeze-dried foods like Nutrafin basix Blood Worms. Bottom-feeding species should be fed Nutrafin basix Staple Food Tablets. Format: small tin, 5 g (0.1 oz)

Feeding Instructions:
Feed as much as fish will eat within 2 minutes.

Freeze dried red grubs.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude protein Min. 56%, Crude fat Min. 8% Crude fibre Max. 4%, Moisture Max. 5%, Ash Max. 10%

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