Wound & Hotspot Spray - 250ml

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This 100% natural sting-free formula reduces redness and itch of hot spots and skin irritations. Results often seen after first use.

A trustworthy wound and healer spray to relieve itch and promote healing. Excellent for hot spots. 100% natural! No chemicals. Results seen in as little as 2 – 3 days. Treat your pet’s paws, itchy skin or hot spots for soothing immediate relief.




Directions for Use

Clean affected area with antiseptic. Dry area as much as possible. Pet dog & give lots of love. Avoid getting water in ears & eyes.

Apply Wound & Hotspot Spray to affected area. Rub excess spray into fur. Pet dog & give lots of love. Avoid getting spray in eyes.

Repeat as needed until healed. Pet dog & give lots of love.

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